Thursday, September 5, 2013

Week of September 9th, 2013

Fall is coming, summer is departing. Major resurfacing has been completed for the year. So, what are we to do? 

Let's start with an autumn reminder.

As the leaves begin to fall off the trees and onto your lawns, remember that is is a no-no to sweep them into the roadside ditches where they can block the water flow through culverts, and also onto the streets where they can cause slippery conditions and block storm drain grates.  If you have culverts and grates near your house, you can help ease potential flooding threats by keeping these drains clear with a rake or broom. It just takes a second, and can save many dollars worth of flood damage. Our crews do their very best, but there are thousands of storm drains and culverts in the county, and it only takes a few maple leaves to block the top of a storm drain.   So, on that note:

In the NPDES areas: Sweeping and catch-basin and culvert cleaning. There could be single lane work zones, so please use caution when in these areas.

Chehalis Western Trail work:  

  • At HWY 507: Log removal from stream (off right of way)
  • At LaFrance/128th: Culvert Installation -- possible trail restrictions
Byron St SE: Stormwater repair. Use caution in this work zone


Creekwood Dr SW: Asphalt pavement Repair (digouts)
  • Single lane work zone
Vail Rd SE: Driveway Repairs
  • Single lane work zones

Remember that you can follow our Twitter feed for updates on weather and storm related closures. 

To report flooded county roads, call our office at 360-867-2300.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week of July 22nd, 2013

Yes, it's that time of the year...
In the south end of the county we are chip-sealing, asphalt pre-leveling, and applying dust control product to gravel roads. All of these operations could cause delays and /or single lane closures. Speed limits on newly surfaced roads is 25MPH.
Also, the chipseal crew will be working into the evening, beyond our usual hours so be prepared if you live in the Tenino/Rainier/Yelm areas. You can see more chipseal information on our Public Works web page including the proposed daily road schedule, subject to change.

We have mowers working county wide to control the shoulder vegetation growth. These folks are doing their best to keep ahead of Mother Nature, but it is a close race. Please use caution when around these work zones.

We also have crews out with weed trimmers working to remove the tall grass and brush near the guardrails. These workers can't always hear your vehicles due to the noise of the trimmers, and they are often working in narrow shoulder spaces so please slow down and take care when moving through their work areas.

ENJOY THE SUN and have a safe week!